Oh wow I suddenly realised I have feelings~!

... and that's supposed to be weird? huh. Go figure.

Take note. I have a strong heart, and a weak heart. Before you beat me up saying I'm an idiot, "Like, dude, a guy's only got, like, one heart. *smokes weed*", I meant,

I have a strong heart, Empirically.

And a weak heart, Emotionally.

P/S: Happy Birthday to me~ yay~ ironically, the first to wish me on my cell was someone I didnt even save a contact number, so I dont know who it is. lol

Oh God this is sarcastic. Sime Darby, you better be very nice with me..

July, the beginning of the end.

Yeah, yeah, say what you want.


wait, what is it you want to say?

... and no, I'm not writing these useless lines to waver from the fact that nothing's been written since May. (OMG that's gotta be like, last year or something)

Allow me to distract your attention to a very big piece of news.

Are you ready for this??

No, I am not trying to make this post look longer.


Spider-man Lost a FIGHT!!!!

... Right around now, you must be thinking, 

"Liar liar pants on Fire~ Spider-Man can't LOSE. He's, like, the superhero of superheroes. He has cool spider sense, he got webs coming out of his hands, he has extraordinary strength and agility~ He's, well... SPIDER-MAN! There's no way you're telling the truth.." 
*flips hair*

Meh. Ok, you got me, I lied.. The real news is...


... and right around now, you must be thinking I'm retarded or something.

Well, in my defence, allow me to redirect you to a few websites using something I would like to call the uber-cool Hyperlink. Please, click HERE~!! and.. HERE~!!! and if that's still not good enough for you, here's an article from MARVEL itself.. which you can get... HERE, BABY~!!!

And right about now, you must be feeling... well... pretty sad.

He was.. My Hero...

Well, I don't blame you. I was pretty messed up the first time I heard this. 


It still sounds unbelievable. But hey, it's the truth. 

Yeah, Mary Jane, take that! haha, now ur a widow! *bitchslap* (OMG i hate myself)

Well anyway, at least Venom's still around.
Oh YEAHHH~~!!! 
p/s : pictures are not mine. :p

A short one.

Mom is "Baking a cake for dummies", and dad is showing off "Dangdut Singing Talent", big bro playing "DOTA", and lil' bro is "Escaping From Doing Homework Espionage". This is my family. Thank you. :)

To eat Durian is To go to Pahang (my 5 year hometown)

   Have you ever heard of....

The Musang King ?

   No, this is not some sort of Government propaganda, nor is it a new conspiracy theory. The Musang King have been colonising us since the dawn of the "Age of Durians", right here in our beloved country. Do you know why there is always an English name of a local tropical fruit, but Durians maintain their Malay name, even in English. Well, let's learn a little about the shocking truth behind the enchanting/magical/uber powerful fruit...

Warning! Hard Facts. If you love peace and Bob Marley, stop reading.

   In 1932, a professor from an Ivy League University went to Malaysia in a study trip. He was introduced to durians, and he became fond of the fruit. Having asked the English name of the fruit, the locals didn't say a thing, and awkwardly brushed of the idea. The professor, on the other hand, went back to Europe and decided to create an English name for the fruit.

   After finishing making a few deals with the Oxforrd Dictionary Press, and receiving the 'Right to Name' for the durian, he finally decided on a suitable name for the Malaysian fruit. but just as he was writing the name in the dictionary form, he started having a seizure and died on the spot. 

   At the same time, a particular type of durian tree glowed a bright yellow here in Malaysia. yes, it was the Musang King Durian trees. this bizarre phenomenon was not reported as the Malayan Regime was busy fighting Communists. 

   You see, the King of the durian family, the Musang King did not permit the man to rewrite its name, and by some weird voodoo powers, stopped the pityful professor by killing him. 


   ... OK, gila x beievable cerita aku -.-' baik aku stop sebelum aku sambung gedik dgn lebih mendalam.

   If u've been reading the nonsense above, it should be clear to u the EPIC-ness of the Musang King Durian. it is for this Malaysian treasure that my parents went to BENTONG, PAHANG. And, quite satisfyingly, brought back The Musang King. XD

   Here are some pics of the magical fruit.

some RM 50+ for 1 fruit. Dayymm 

Juicy, Succulent, Beautiful.

   They went for Bentong at 6 in the morning and came back by 12. gila semangat. kahkah nasib baik sedap. :p

P/S: The above story is (clearly) fiction, and the Musang King really is arguably the best type of durian out there. so go find it! Oh, and The Musang King is originally known as Durian Kunyit, deriving its name from the yellow colour of the turmeric. Its place of origin is said to be Gua Musang, Kelantan (The Star).  XD Toodles~